Having worked successfully as a make-up artist for many years one day I was asked to take care of some photographers´s productions as well as representing them. Therefore I gave up make-up and started Bascha - Photographers aka Bascha Kicki - Fotografen. Soon after I became a producer as well and started realizing and supervising fashion shoots. I love working with a great team, it´s fun and very creative at the same time.


Support is everything … with over 18 years’ experience organizing and supervising photo shoots, we know all aspects of production. Finding the right team and partners to provide a smooth and successful photo shoot is our ultimate ambition. 


Nature is all we have. She provides us with the most amazing locations, great mountain scenes, exceptional sea views, beautiful forests and lakes. What would we do without her locationwise and as human beings as well. So we have to protect her and give her all the respect she earns.